Tekstvak: I am computer technician in Accra, Ghana. Provide affordable service of pc repair and maintenance. I fix computers, install software, upgrade hardware, setup Wi-Fi network, scan and attach photos and documents, advise on building of new computers, etc. 

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Tekstvak: About me
My name is Eric. I was born into a generation that grew up with personal computers. After embarking on some ICT courses in some of the best ICT institutions in Ghana like NIIT and through years of hands-on experience, I have become a specialist in computer building and maintenance.
What does this mean? If you are building a new computer, I can advise you on parts and prices so you receive a good value. If your current computer is too slow, I can upgrade the parts so it will run faster. If you have a virus, I can remove it and save what is left of your documents.
Bring your business to me. I think you will be impressed by the quality of my service.

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