Tekstvak: Laptop computers have grown in popularity over recent years, mainly because of their space saving and mobility features.  They are convenient to use, and with the majority having built-in 
wireless connectivity adapters, access to the Internet has been made much easier when in transit or visiting premises that have a readily available wireless infrastructure. 

However, users considering purchasing a laptop for personal or business use should be aware that there are fundamental differences between it and a desktop computer.  Setting aside the physical features such as size and mobility features, some consideration should be given to what 
happens when a laptop develops a defect.  Traditionally, laptops have been much more expensive to repair, which is brought about by the nature of the way laptops are constructed and the 
availability of spare parts. In order to diagnose 
many hardware issues, it is often necessary to 
dismantle the laptop. For example to locate a 
motherboard (System Board) it is literally 
necessary in many cases to remove every other 
component just to view the board let alone carry out diagnostic work on it. 

All this takes time, a specific skill-set and from an economical point of view can be an expensive 
process. Before embarking on a laptop purchase, it is therefore important that users are aware 
Of some of the side-effects associated with owning a laptop computer. We would certainly recommend that users purchase an additional warranty in order to protect their machine from accidental damage or acquire an extended warranty to cover unforeseen component failure, specifically motherboard failure that in some models can prove to be an expensive repair.

Despite issues associated with laptop ownership, we are able to deal with both software and hardware problems.  Many routine hardware repairs and upgrades relating to RAM 
Memory or Hard Drive upgrades are dealt with in-house.  However, more serious defects such as damaged screens or more serious internal hardware defects are handled by our partner laptop specialist, who has premises designed for the dismantling and diagnosis of internal laptop problems. 
Initially we will collect a laptop requiring repair or upgrade, and dependent on the nature of the repair will either deal with it at the outset, or deliver it FREE of charge to our partner laptop 
repair specialist.  Customers requiring just a "Diagnostic Service" may be charged a fee, however, if the repair is undertaken that fee is waivered. Throughout the repair or upgrade process we will
keep the customer informed as to its progress..

When sourcing certain laptop components it can often take a little time to locate compatible parts and the most competitive prices. High replacement costs in computer market make evaluating repair 
an obvious choice over an assumed need for replacement. Whenever possible we try to repair a part before replacing it. The landed cost to you is much less than what a manufacturer charges for a replacement part. We encourage sending in your laptop to be repaired by our technicians rather than repairing it yourself. There is more than one solution to most symptoms (ie: Blank screen - Bad bulb, bad screen, bad motherboard, bad inverter). We perform most repairs down to component level. If a part cannot be repaired, we may use a new part or a pull from a unit we purchased as a "salvage unit", in order to save your money. Laptop owners requiring any advice or support service should contact us through the Contact Us page.
Tekstvak: Services
What can I do for you? Here is a list of ways that I can help:
Install new hardware peripherals, and upgrade your computer with hardware.
Repair hardware problems.
Install Windows Operating System, drivers for webcams and digital cameras, pc games and other software. 
I also root android phones and install games and apps on it. For those of you who do not understand the term root click here to read about it. 
Need apps on your Ipad or forgotten your password? Contact me.
Restore lost data, and recover data from a deleted or formatted hard-drive.
Setup of computer network, and wireless network.
Clear viruses, trojans, adware and spyware.
And a lot more! Just ask.
How much will it cost? My price is NOT based by the hour. Pentium III desktops and laptops formatting costs 12GH while Pentium IV desktops and laptops formatting costs 15GH. Diagnosis and installation of system/device drivers and other software costs between 5GH to 10GH depending on the size, time and importance. For instance, a virus scan can take 30 minutes to 1 hour, but it does not require my attention. While updating drivers may take 15 minutes, but it will require all my attention. Moreover, some software/apps like Skype, VLC media player, etc. are less in size and easy to get and will cost you less whilst software like Microsoft Office, Corel Draw, High-end PC games, etc. are big in size and will cost you more.
Depending on the type of problem you have and the distance to your place, check my base prices above plus any travel expenses. If I am not able to resolve the problem at your place, I might have to bring your computer back to my house upon your approval.
Computer services vary greatly from one task to the next, so call me now, and I will offer you a free quote so you can have an idea of what might be wrong and how much you should be looking at!
Free Quote
Call me at 302419098, tell me about your needs, and I will quote you the price. If I don't answer, leave a message with your name and number, and I will get back to you as soon as I'm available.
You can also email me - equarcoo@equarcoo-compuservice.com. Please include a brief description of your computer problem or request.